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Grateful Harvest Beef...


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Grateful Harvest Certified Organic Grass Fed Beef Jerky

Available in three delicious flavors: Original, BBQ and Teriyaki.


Grateful Harvest organic beef is humanely raised 12 months a year on spacious open-air natural grasslands, free from chemicals and drugs.

The key to both the health and flavor of this meat is the cattle's reliance on a vegetarian diet of grass. Besides creating a product that is higher in nutritional value and better for you, grass fed is also easier on the environment and the animals.

Healthier for You

Because It's Organic - Organic beef is free from antibiotics, growth promoting drugs or added hormones, and is never irradiated. Organic pasture is naturally fertilized. There are no pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilizers used.


Because It's Grass Fed - Cattle are ruminants, animals designed by nature to eat grass, not grain. As a result, beef from grass fed cattle is more nutritious than beef raised on grain.

  • It is lower in cholesterol and leaner, with up to 30% less fat. The flavor is in the meat, not the fat.
  • Grass fed beef also contains three to five times more of the anti-carcinogenic Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) than conventionally raised beef.
  • It has more Omega 3 fatty acids, the lack of which contributes to a range of health problems, from heart disease to depression.
  • It has more Vitamin A and Vitamin E.

Healthier for the Animals

  • Pasture grass fed cattle are healthier than feed lot grain fed cattle.
  • Calves do not get sick from the stress of being trucked hundreds of miles to feed lots.
  • They are not crowded into pens, which also cause stress and promote the spread of disease, requiring antibiotics and other drugs.
  • They are free from the constant gastric distress from eating an unnatural diet.


Healthier for the Planet

  • Moderately to intensely grazed pasture preserves top soil, while conventional grain farming can contribute to erosion.
  • Naturally fertilized pasture turns the problem of manure in to an opportunity.
  • Pasture helps reduce green house gases by binding carbon in its perennial root mass.
  • Pasture does not contribute to ground water contamination.

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Original, BBQ, Teriyaki


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