Mushrooms, Maitake, fancy,...

Mushrooms, Maitake, fancy,...


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The Maitake mushroom, with its firm texture and robust, earthy flavor, is sometimes referred to as “Hen of the Woods.” In Japanese, Maitake means “dancing mushroom.” Some believe that in ancient times, people would dance for joy upon finding these mushrooms, which were worth their weight in silver. Others say the name derives from the mushroom’s shape, which resembles a dancing nymph.

Many researchers are promoting the health benefits of the Maitake mushroom, which has long been used in Asian medicine to enhance the immune system. The Maitake is known for its cancer-fighting properties and contains grifolan, an important beta-glucan polysaccharide. This mushroom variety is rich in potassium, vitamins B2, D, niacin, fiber and amino acids. Cholesterol-free, contributes protein and umami, a taste that provides a unique, savory flavor, which make Maitake mushrooms a good meat substitute.

Hokto’s Maitake mushrooms are clean and ready-to-cook. Portions are easily separated by hand. Boost the flavor of your favorite dishes by using the Maitake any time a recipe calls for mushrooms.

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