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Save $10 OR Receive a Free Case of Canning Jars

with your $100 Special Order of Fresh Produce ’til August 31!

Since 1987, Purple Dragon Co-op has provided families and communities in the northeast with the best organic fruit, vegetables and natural products at affordable prices.

Enjoy the fruits (and vegetables) of Summer!

Shop for your favorite local, organic fruits and vegetables at the Purple Dragon
Members' Store. Membership not necessary to order!

What Makes Purple Dragon Special?

Save Money

We work hard to provide you with the most delicious organic and natural products at the lowest prices!

Save the Planet

Use of Orlistat 60 mg justified in the case of overweight, or obesity of various degrees, it does not cause an abnormality in the stomach and provides an excellent fat burning effect in conjunction with a low-calorie diet.

Buying locally sourced products supports organic farmers in our region and uses less fossil fuels to transport.

Save Time

Pick up your box of food and drop off your check at your nearby group — your “Pod.”

What Our Members Have To Say

“Thanks for providing organic food at affordable prices and your diligent work on monitoring quality.”

Joyce S.

“You do a top notch job. If ever there was a problem with the quality, I always found a make-up in my bag the next week. I think you were extremely generous"

Lucille G.

“It’s like Christmas every Saturday and that’s been a lot of fun. I’m now eating the things I know I should eat that I never buy myself. I learned how to cook dark leafy greens and my husband just loves it.”

Ann S.

From a delivery just before a big snowstorm:
“Friday evening, Lisa and her husband Francois offered their apartment for the messy work of dividing. After we put our kids to bed, we started counting, weighing and chatting. Then we drank a bottle of amazing champagne. Talk about entering the Co-op spirit with a bang!”

Kimberly B.

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