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For OCTOBER, Delivery #1: Wed 10/6, Sat 10/9, and Thu 10/14

Need extra fruit? Tell your friends!

Fruit shares: only $25. Or $20 each if 3 or more people in your group get them!

I am planning to get

  • ORGANIC oranges, grapefruit
  • LOCAL IPM MacIntosh or Jonamac apples and Asian pears

Order a fruit share through the online store, or through your coordinator if she/he has a fruit group going, by:

  • 11 am S A T U R D A Y for Wednesday groups
  • 11 am T U E S D A Y for Saturday groups
  • 11 am S U N D A Y for Thursday groups
Help others get good, fresh food in a safe, socially distanced manner! Host a group in your neighborhood to have all this deliciousness delivered to your door while you and your friends & earn discounts!
We are getting wonderful local and non-local fruits and vegetables, supporting small, local organic and alternative farmers and saving money on the most delicious produce sourced by our staff who are passionate about local organics! We would be thrilled to have you join us to support our wonderful local farmers!
For more info, on how to become a member, click the link and fill out the form.

Eat fresh! Stay healthy!