(973) 429-0391, M-F 9am-5pm est info@purpledragon.com

We expect (all organic unless noted otherwise)

Veggie shares:

  • LOCAL Ecologically Grown Pink Lady apples and Pacific Giant Asian pears, LOCAL ORGANIC mini carrots and blue potatoes, ORGANIC FL red leaf lettuce, CA broccoli, kale and Satsuma tangerines, Mexican green beans, mangos, green bell peppers, grape tomatoes and zucchini squash and Ecuadorian bananas

(South American items come by boat, using much less fossil fuel than items that come by truck.)


Gourmet boxes:

  • $20; additional veggies by special order to complement the regular share
  • LOCAL Brussels sprouts, rainbow carrots, lacinato kale and a giant sweet potato 

Fruit shares: ($25)

  • Organic papaya, blueberries, clementines and LOCAL #2 Honeycrisp apples

Juicing box:

  • $35; $30 with a 3-month sign up
  • beets, 5 lbs. carrots, kale, lemons  and LOCAL organic apples