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Fruit Spread, Bionaturae, Organic Strawberry, 9 oz.

Bionaturae Organic Strawberry Fruit Spread is produced using hand-harvested organic fruit from small family farms. The flavor of our strawberry fruit spread is sweet, intense and true. Our air-tight cooking method and superior quality fruit enables us to use very low temperatures and much less sweetener, enhancing the fruits goodness.

  • Sweet, intense and true flavors
  • No added cane sugar
  • Processed at low temperatures and cooked slowly to preserve the fruit’s flavor
  • Made in small batches
  • No preservatives added. Refrigerate after opening and use within 7-10 days.


Ingredients: Organic Strawberries, Organic Apple Juice Concentrate, Natural Fruit Pectin, Ascorbic Acid, Citric Acid.


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Organic Fruit Spread

Bionaturae organic fruit spreads compliment a wide variety of foods. When you purchase our fruit spreads you’re supporting organic farmers, plus avoiding GMOs and harmful chemicals.

High-quality Ingredients

Our fruit spreads deliver delicious flavor using completely natural ingredients. Our farmers harvest their fruit when it is truly ripe, so you get rich taste with every bite. The fruit is sweet, and it remains true to what nature created.

The ingredients used in our fruit spread have been certified as organic by the USDA. Furthermore, the Non-GMO Project has verified that Bionaturae’s fruit spreads use only natural, gyphosate free ingredients. As a result, you can feel confident that every bite is safe and natural.

Prepared Right

The fruit spreads that we offer have no added cane sugar and are made in small batches to ensure maximum quality. They are processed at low temperatures, so there is minimal quality loss throughout the manufacturing process.

Most importantly, we never use preservatives in our products. Although the use of preservatives can increase the shelf life of a product, we believe that avoiding the use of preservatives is the key to delivering the artisan quality that our customers demand.

To maximize shelf life, we recommend that our customers refrigerate their fruit spread after opening it and consume within 10 days of opening. More detailed refrigeration instructions are provided on the label of our products.