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Golden Delicious apples are pale green to golden yellow in color with small speckles, and firm, crisp, white flesh. They have a balanced sweet-tart aromatic honeyed flavor. When grown in a cool climate, the amount of acid increases, creating a sweeter flavor. When grown in warmer areas, the acid content is lower, creating a milder flavor.

Golden Delicious are good to eat fresh, add to green salads, fruit salads, or grain salads. They also can be baked into crisps, crumbles, tarts, cakes, pies, and breads; made into preserves and butters, or pureed into sauces and soups. Golden Delicious apples pair well with savory items, such as onions, cabbages, pork, cheeses and strong herbs. This versatile apple can also be juiced or dried. What’s not to like?!

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Golden Delicious is a classic American apple variety with a mellow, sweet flavor and beautiful yellow skin..

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