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Beef, 14.5 lb Top Round, Thousand Hills Lifetime Grass grazed, Local

Top Round is located directly above the Eye of Round and Bottom Round. This lean cut of meat is most often prepared broiled or slow cooked on low for hours.

This is one large piece to be cut and frozen at home into roasts, steaks, stew meat, etc.

14.5 lbs.


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Thousand Hills beef is lifetime grass grazed. Our beef is 100% grass fed and pasture raised which is also commonly referred to as ‘Grass Fed, Grass Finished’ Beef.  This means that we do not introduce corn feed at any point of the cows life.

They are raised in pasture settings where they can express their natural behaviors. Raising cattle in a respectful way is our responsibility and simultaneously contributes to healthy soil, which creates high-quality nutrient-dense forages. 

At Thousand Hills Lifetime Grazed, we are fully committed to regenerative agriculture because we have seen firsthand the way this approach can restore diverse grasslands, eliminate the need for synthetic fertilizers and chemical herbicides, and improve the nutritional value of meat – all while helping rural economies to thrive.