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Beef Brisket, Natural, Thousand Hills Lifetime Grazed, Grassfed, LIMITED SUPPLY Case Deal, about 9 lbs

Thousand Hills Lifetime Grazed Beef Brisket, Natural Grassfed, CASE DEAL 6×24 oz

About 9 lbs. total $45.

Cows weren’t built to eat grain. They are ruminants, a kind of animal that evolved to have multiple stomachs to better digest large amounts of grass or foliage. Soy, corn, and other grains often fed to modern cows are vastly different from grass, which means that cow stomachs are simply unable to digest them properly. Improper digestion leads to a whole host of issues for the cow, which translates to reduced taste and nutrition in the beef they provide.

We do NOT allow confinement feeding, grain byproducts, or GMO plants of any kind. Our cattle are always on the land, managed holistically, regenerating soil and grasslands.

At Thousand Hills Lifetime Grazed, we have fully embraced Regenerative Agriculture, which seeks to not just sustain natural resources but regenerate them through humane animal treatment and holistically managed land. Our cattle are raised in open pastures for their lifetime so they can express their natural, instinctive behaviors and be safe from the pain and stress of confinement. This humane treatment is also beneficial for the land, as natural grazing promotes healthy soil.


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