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Blueberries, Local NY IPM, NY Organic, or West Coast Organic

Collect all the varieties in our blueberry series:
  • Local New York IPM berries
  • Local New York Organic berries
  • West Coast Organic berries – SPECIAL PRICE!

Stock up while you can and enjoy delicious healthy blueberries all winter.

Pick up in Glen Ridge or we can deliver to your neighborhood group.

  • NY IPM: 12 x 1 pint (9 lbs), $65
  • NY Organic: 5 lbs loose berries, $35
  • NY Organic: 12 x 1 pint (9 lbs), $65
  • NY Organic: 10 lbs (2 x 5 lbs) loose berries, $65
  • West Coast Organic: 12 x 1 pint (9 lbs), $60 SALE $55

Blueberry varieties will change during the month, so order on different weeks to try different types!

  • King of the Antioxidant Foods
  • Low in calories, high in nutrients
  • Reduce DNA damage, which may help protect against aging and cancer
  • Protect cholesterol in your blood from becoming damaged
  • May lower blood pressure

To freeze, place in a single layer on a baking sheet and freeze for 2 hours. Then pour into a freezer bag. Use whenever you need blueberries on your cereal, in pancakes and muffins, or blueberry pie!



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NY IPM 12 pts, NY Organic 5 lbs, NY Organic 12 pts, NY Organic 10 lbs, West Coast 12 pts