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Compostable trash bags — NEW!

Trash day becomes responsible trash day when you use compostable materials that become earth—not microplastics.


  • Strong, resistant to leaks and tears
  • Made with plants (PLA & PBAT) that break down into carbon and water
  • Certified by BPI to rapidly compost in municipal or commercial composting facilities

3 Gallon bags: 25 bags per box | 16.9 x 17.7″
Ideal for use in small trash cans or for food scrap or organic waste collection—they’re a perfect fit for most countertop and under cabinet containers!

4 gallon bags: 25 bags per box | 17.7 x 21.7″
Ideal for small trash cans in the bathroom, office, kids’ room, or laundry room.

13 gallon bags: 15 bags per box | 23.5 x 25.4″
Ideal for tall trash cans, like those in your kitchen


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