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Job’s Tears, Organic

Grown all across Asia, Job’s Tears look like oversized pearl barley, although the two plants are not related.

When cooked, the pea-size grains taste like a cross between rice, corn and barley, with a tender yet chewy texture like hominy.  Job’s Tears are delicious in grain bowls, added to soups, combined with other grains and beans as a side dish, and even as a hot breakfast bowl with quinoa!

As with any whole grain, Job’s Tears are high in fiber and antioxidants.  According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Job’s Tears help ward off internal dampness conditions and makes your skin gorgeous!  Some laboratory studies with mice suggest the grain may help disrupt the growth of cancer cells, reduce allergic reactions and boost the immune system.

Cook with aduki beans and season savory or sweet.

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5 lbs., $50


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