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Pineapples, organic

A fresh ripe pineapple smells sweet on its end and makes a mouth-watering dessert. They are also delicious in salads, smoothies, salsas, curries…even pizza!

The vitamins and minerals in pineapple could help shorten viral and bacterial infections and strengthen your bones. Pineapple is high in vitamin C, which helps your immune system — the body’s defense against germs — keep you healthy.

Once cut, you can cover the pineapple and leave it out on the counter. This makes it softer and juicier but won’t change its taste. Make sure you eat it within 2-3 days.



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Field ripe fruits are usually eaten fresh as dessert. Other uses include as salads, cooked in pies, puddings, cakes or as garnish on ham. Pineapple is also reported to be used in curries and other dishes. Citric and malic acids are found in good quantities in pineapple fruits. Citric acid concentrations in some cultivars may exceed 8%. Ascorbic acid is also found in moderate amounts in pineapple fruit. It is used as a constituent of several home remedies and folk medicines. Its juice is believed to expedite labor and as an antidote for sea sickness.

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2 Fruits, Case (7-9 Count)

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2 Count, 9 Count Case