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Ramps, Local, Sustainably Wildcrafted – only available for 2 weeks!


Sustainably Wildcrafted ramps are expected, and we will have some extra for sale. These are being sustainably harvested, which means leaves and stem only, NO BULB, so the plant can regrow from the bulb again. Personally, I think the leaves are the most delicious part, especially when cooked with scrambled eggs or made into pesto!

Chefs and fresh veggie aficionados wait all year for spring, since the ramp season may only be two weeks long!  Sometimes called wild leeks or spring onions, ramps are smaller than scallions, with one or two flat, broad leaves. They have a mild onion flavor, stronger than a leek, and more pungently garlicky than a scallion.

Our ramps grow wild on the periphery of a local organic farm, and keep well in Green Bags. Ramps can be simply sauteed in garlic or butter — used any way you would use scallions or leeks. Or make a delicious pesto with pine nuts, parmigiano reggiano, and olive oil.

4 oz., $10; 1 lb., $35.

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