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Tuna, Lummi Island Wild Alaskan Canned, 6 oz $8

Lummi Island Wild Alaskan tuna, sustainably harvested with solar power. Troll caught in the coastal waters of the Pacific Northwest. This fishery has the highest sustainability rating by Seafood Watch.

All of Lummi’s albacore tuna is sashimi grade before being canned. They use small fish so it’s the healthiest tuna available, having more omega 3 fatty acids than most salmon. Use it anywhere you would use fine tuna, including salads, sandwiches, and casseroles. It should be everyone’s pantry staple for a fast, healthy meal.

This is your chance to try one can instead of buying a case. Co-op members say that once you have tried this, you can never go back to other canned tuna.

$8 per 6 oz can

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