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What Our Members Say

In Their Own Words

In their own words, Purple Dragon Co-op members offer their testimony:

“Thanks for providing organic food at affordable prices and your diligent work on monitoring quality.”

Joyce S.

“You do a top notch job. If ever there was a problem with the quality, I always found a make-up in my bag the next week. I think you were extremely generous”

Lucille G.

“It’s like Christmas every Saturday and that’s been a lot of fun. I’m now eating the things I know I should eat that I never buy myself. I learned how to cook dark leafy greens and my husband just loves it.”

Ann S.

From a delivery just before a big snowstorm:
“Friday evening, Lisa and her husband Francois offered their apartment for the messy work of dividing. After we put our kids to bed, we started counting, weighing and chatting. Then we drank a bottle of amazing champagne. Talk about entering the Co-op spirit with a bang!”

Kimberly B.

“Being pregnant and not being able to shop is awful. Having this terrific food appear is just great. To get the whole box for $52 is amazing and the variety is wonderful!”

Amy O.

“You guys saved my life! After living in California where organic produce is so available and moving here where its hard to find, I finally found you!”

Jennifer B.

“By the way, I want to say thanks for continuing to provide us with great quality produce for a respectable price. I have needed to buy additional produce to get me to the next Co-op delivery a few times and had to pay a lot for less than great quality at my local supermarket or I had to pay an arm and a leg for comparable quality at a specialty store. And the variety available was nowhere near what we get biweekly through the co-op. (Even at the nearby big chain Natural Foods store!!) Thanks again for your efforts.”

Chrissy A.

“Wow! I just unpacked my bag, and I’m already thinking that this might be the best thing I’ve done for myself in a long time!! Thanks so much!”

Gena, a new member

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